Rachel Rodek Gargano MS, RD, LDN, CSSD

Welcome!  I’m so honored that you’ve spent some time getting to know me and my business, RG Nutrition and Wellness.  As a registered dietitian, wellness coach, and board certified specialist in sports dietetics, I help my clients reach their ultimate potential in health and wellness.

I have an immense passion for nutrition and how food affects our bodies, minds and emotions. Nutrition information is always changing, making it confusing and difficult to make confident, positive decisions about your health and wellness.  By keeping a pulse on the ever-changing landscape of the dietary world, I work with my clients to fit this information into their individual lifestyle. Working together we co-create a journey to transform their dietary thoughts and habits into a successful, healthy future.

My Story

Because I love partnering with my clients to reach their wellness dreams, I work hard to eat mindfully, live nutritiously, and be my best health and wellness self.  I strive to “walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk” so that my clients know they can too.  It’s not always easy, and I absolutely have slip-ups, but when I think positively – it’s possible to do anything.  It wasn’t always this way, though.

In college, I became very sick with something called Dientameoba Fragilis.  Without getting too graphic, this ameoba made my life absolutely horrible.  I had to avoid most foods to prevent awful side-effects, I couldn’t maintain my normal weight, and the emotional effects were debilitating.  After seeing dozens of ineffective doctors, I finally went to a specialist at Yale-New Haven Hospital who was able to rid me of this dreadful disease.  Not a fun way to spend a year at college!

But the emotional and physical effects of this disease continued for years, even after I was ‘cured’.  My emotional connection with food was broken – food was the enemy, even though I thought of it constantly.  I had low energy and mood swings.  At one point the extreme control that I tried to hold over food turned into chaos; food controlled me.  That’s when I started feeling more guilt and shame.  I was a mess.

At that point, that rock bottom, I realized the huge impact nutrients and food have on the body.  I saw that what you put in your mouth affects not only your body, but your mind and emotions as well.  I wanted to learn more about this intense relationship that we have with food and ultimately take charge of my life and my health.  That’s when I decided to become a registered dietitian.

I met some incredible mentors along the way.  Strong women and men who taught me about the relationship between our mind and our mouths, and how it’s possible to positively balance these two seemingly disconnected and potentially hostile entities.  I began investing in creating a healthy future for myself.

I found that knowing about nutrition wasn’t enough for me, that integrating the mind and emotions means knowing about whole body and mind wellness.  So I invested in mentors in learning about how to integrate wellness into my life.  This helped me create a stronger, nourishing relationship with food.  It made me more aware of myself, my thoughts and my actions.  Being attentive to these feelings helped me be more mindful and positive when thinking about foods and eating them.

And although I still have slip-ups, I know it’s normal and that once I accept these small speed bumps, I can go back to meeting my true wellness goals.  I know I can continue to eat healthfully, be mindful, and feel great about my choices.

My passion is so strong that I want to help you reach your wellness goals.  To provide the tips, tricks, and tools to feel great about yourself; make nourishing, confident decisions; feel more energized and positive; reduce or reverse your risk of chronic disease; and to help provide more focus and productivity in your life.

I truly appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read my story.  I hope it has inspired you to become your Best Self and reach your ultimate health and wellness goals.  I know you can achieve all that you envision!

My Education

Undergraduate degree:  Exercise Science; Skidmore College, NY

Masters degree:  Nutrition Communications; Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition, Boston, MA

Advanced degree/License:  Registered Dietitian

Certifications:  Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

Training: Wellness Coaching

“To Eat is a Necessity, But to Eat Intelligently is an Art.”
-La Rouchefoucauld
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