It’s a passion of mine to boil down scientific nutrition jargon and put it into words the average person can understand and use.

Knowing that I’ve dispelled a nutrition un-truth, or helped someone make a small yet significant healthful change, is what I live for.

So when offered the opportunity to provide constructive, positive information to a media outlet, I will jump at the chance.  My goal is to put honest, tangible information in the hands of the consumer – allowing them to integrate it into their unique lifestyle.

Here are some of the articles and television spots I’ve been quoted in or used as a resource, with links to article if available:

(10/11)       Holly Pinafore; “Pumpkin Recipes: healthy, tasty, and easy!

(6/11)          PODCAST with Orthopedic Surgery Inc in Stoneham; “Sports NutritionPodcast

(8/10); “Easy, Quick, Tasty, and Nutritious School Lunches for Your Child

(6/09); “How to Prepare Diet Meals

(2009)          Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCONN Health Center; “Breast Cancer Resource Guide

(4/08)          Better Homes and Gardens; “Fast Food Makeover”

(1/27/08)    New Britain Sunday Herald Press Magazine, CT; “Resolved

(11/13/07)   NBC 30 CT; “Healthy Eating after the Holidays”

(10/07)        UCONN Health Center Advance newsletter; “Dietitian Offers Weight Management Course for Cancer Survivors

(5/07)          OnFitness Magazine; “How to Fight Breast Cancer Through Diet

(11/07)        Connecticut Magazine; “Bottom’s Up

(11/05)        OMNI Heart Research Team, Harvard University, Nutrition Researcher; “Effects of Protein, Monounsaturated Fat, and Carbohydrate Intake on Blood Pressure and Serum Lipids” JAMA.  2005; 294: 2455-2464.

If you’re from the media and would like a quote or reference, please don’t hesitate to contact me:


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