Work: Graphic Designer

Goals: To lose weight, to be exercising consistently, to get IBS under control, and to be more confident in her body.

If there is one person I can trust with my overall health, nutrition, and well-being, it’s Rachel.  Rachel is an absolute expert in nutrition and wellness, and the things she has taught me have completely changed my life for the better.   So far I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and I couldn’t have done it without her!  I thank her for continually being there for me every step of the way!

She is professional, trustworthy, and supportive – and always has a solution to any nutritional ‘obstacles’ I’ve faced.  I absolutely recommend her to anyone facing any kind of nutritional challenge. I promise you won’t be disappointed!



Male College Athlete

Goals: To know how to fuel my workouts and reach my highest potential

I’ve always been healthy, but I did not know how a competitive athlete should eat.  Before meeting with Rachel, I could see my endurance in workouts would lag as the week progressed.  Now I am much more aware of how to rejuvenate my body with better performance and recovery foods and meal plans.  I am approaching and completing workouts more vigorously than ever before.  My body feels great and I am faster than ever!



Female High School Student.  Vegetarian.

Goals: To lose weight healthfully, be more comfortable in the kitchen cooking, have more self-love and confidence.

Rachel, I am so unbelievably grateful for your love, help, and appreciation.  Thank you for helping me lose 35 pounds the right and healthy way.  I am so glad to have met you and had the extreme pleasure of talking to you, trusting you, and learning some pretty amazing things from you.  And most importantly, getting the proper advice and support that I need in my life especially at this age.  

I am a perfectionist, but I am learning to love everything about myself, all thanks to you!  Together, we found a way to help me let go of those difficult, frustrating, and deep emotions stuck inside of me.  I love you. 

I will always be thanking you for everything you have done and will continually do for me because you are so important to me.  You have made such a huge positive impact on my life and I want to thank you for being my true mentor.



I’m so impressed with Rachel’s easy-going, sensible approach to nutrition and health, minus all the usual hype and absurdity of other sites and subject matter.  She has a refreshing attitude towards health and wellness.  Thank you!


Ken V.

Work: Attorney

Goals: Weight loss, more energy.

I have struggled with my weight for 18 years.  I have always known that if I eat well and exercise then I will not only lose weight, but I will also feel better about myself.  If I knew this then why have I struggled with my weight?  Well, simply put, because the old  cliché couldn’t be more true… it is easier said than done.

Rachel did not put me on a diet.  She did not just give me a list of foods to and tell me to ‘eat this but not that’.  She took the time to interview me and get to know my lifestyle.  Then armed with this information she worked with me and helped me create a unique and individualized plan that had goals that I felt I could accomplish.  She met with me often to review my plan and my goals  – and each time we met we made adjustments in areas where I was succeeding, as well as areas that were proving more difficult.

As a result of her attention to detail and to my needs in general, I am down 30 pounds in just under four months – and I have never felt better.  What worked for me may not work for you, and that’s what makes Rachel special.  She will work with your particular situation and develop a plan that suits your needs.

I would highly recommend anyone to Rachel.  If I can do it, anyone can.


Alicia F.

Work: Insurance company Service Resolution Consultant

Goals: Sports nutrition for first marathon and 10 pounds weight loss

When I started training for my first marathon I was having a lot of stomach issues.  I knew I wasn’t eating or drinking the right foods to fuel my body well and wanted to get it under control so I could perform my best during my first marathon.  I also wanted to lose about 10 pounds.

Meeting with Rachel was awesome and amazing.  We had five sessions and I truly learned so much; I couldn’t have reached my goals without her!  Her sports nutrition tips allowed me to run without any stomach or GI upset at all!  It’s so wonderful to know that I can go on long runs without being in pain.

Rachel also gave me easy-to-follow nutrition advice that allowed me to lose weight and feel energized!  She never made me eat foods I didn’t like and worked with me to fit healthy eating into my busy lifestyle.

Rachel is the best.   I recommend her to anyone who wants to feel their best and perform better as an athlete!


Davis C.

Work: Bank Executive

Goals: Improve eating habits, reduce waist size

I reached out to Rachel in November 2011 requesting some advice on my poor eating habits.  When I started seeing her, my diet did not contain many fruits and vegetables, and I mainly ate one meal.  I also told her that I would not give up eating out every night.  Over the next three months, Rachel provided me with direction, support, and coaching that allowed me to drastically change my eating habits.

She put me on a meal and exercise program that resulted in losing 20 pounds and 3 inches of my waist.  I now enjoy eating fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods.  Knowing that I didn’t want to stop eating out at night, she gave me parameters on how to choose healthy foods at restaurants.  My family is astonished by the transformation of my eating habits.  Rachel is a positive reassuring professional.


Linsey W.

Work: Printer/Graphic Designer

Goals: Have healthy eating not be a ‘chore’

I can’t thank Rachel enough for helping me improve my everyday lifestyle.  Before I met with her I didn’t really eat breakfast – or lunch for that matter! – and barely ate dinner at home.  Life was just too hectic (I own a business) and I thought it was too hard to eat healthfully.  I also didn’t workout, I just didn’t have the time! But with Rachel’s help and motivation, I was able to start eating regularly, cooking more at home, and even working out!  I’ve lost weight, have more energy, and just feel so much better.

Rachel is incredibly easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable about being honest without being judged.  She takes the time to listen to your concerns and helps you reach your goals at your own pace.  I would recommend RG Nutrition and Wellness to anyone who is ready to make a change in their life!


Carly H.

Work: Systems Engineer

Goals: Weight loss, learn how to eat healthy for life, stop yo-yo dieting.

I did a Nutrition Tune-Up with Rachel and it really helped me change the way I think about food and nutrition.  My main goal was to learn how to eat healthy for life, and to get out of the cycle of dieting/losing and overeating/gaining.  What impressed me the most about Rachel was how she listened to me and helped me come up with a plan that is tailored to my goals and my lifestyle.

She worked with me to develop incremental, manageable nutrition goals that I could incorporate into my daily life without feeling deprived of feeling like I was on a “diet”.  She helped me listen to my body’s cues for satiety, and how to avoid overeating without practicing strict potion control or calorie counting.  Her positive encouraging approach also helped me gain confidence about my goals for a healthier life and my ability to reach them.

After only 4 meetings with Rachel, I’ve learned valuable nutrition tools that have enabled me to lose 15 pounds (yay!) and, more importantly, to view food and nutrition in a completely different way.  I no longer feel like I’m constantly battling the urge to eat unhealthy foods and portions.  Instead, I feel like I have the tools to make healthy choices that will fuel my body and make me feel better throughout the day.  I still have a lot of room for improvement, but the results have been very positive so far!


Matt M.

Work: Fitness Director and Personal Trainer

Goals:  Maintain muscle mass while losing body fat. Vegan diet.

As a personal trainer and avid reader of all things related to nutrition, I was admittedly not sure what Rachel would be able to do for me.  However, since I was in a bit of a rut in regards to my diet, I was curious as to what she may be able to offer.  To my surprise and delight, Rachel was able to provide me with an even greater insight into my diet and health in just our first session than I was able to develop on my own in all the time leading up to our meeting.

Rachel’s advice and guidance was both motivational and detailed enough to make changes both easy to understand and even easier to implement.  I initially went to Rachel after having some success on my own in gaining muscle, but was having difficulty sufficiently feeding that muscle while also decreasing my body fat percentage.  I was set on the right track to achieve that goal in our first session and was helped along in follow-up sessions during which time she listened to my progress and challenges and tweaked my diet in response.

My time with Rachel was extremely helpful and I highly recommend her to anyone that has any nutrition questions or concerns and/or fitness aspirations.


Lindsay G.

Work: Artist

Goals: Weight loss, stress reduction, confidence and being more positive

I started my journey at RG Nutrition with coach Rachel Gargano 3 months ago  and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing the experience has been.  Rachel has got me to come to so many realizations about my lifestyle that have drastically improved my quality of life.  She is an amazing support system and offers constant encouragement and genuinely wants you to succeed!

Rachel has helped me organize my hectic schedule and helped me find the balance I so desperately needed as an artist.  Rachel was the start of such a positive trend in my life and I would recommend anyone who wants to change and improve their life to meet with her.  No matter what your goals are; whether its nutrition, fitness, or stress management, she is greatly versed in each.

I have taken priceless lessons away from Rachel and I have also decided to continue working with her even though our 3 month package is complete.  I can’t wait to see what else is in store for my transformation.  I have gained so much strength and have learned to love myself and have never been so happy – and it’s all because of Rachel’s support.  I say this with a true heart that Rachel has changed my life 🙂


Ben G.

Work: Finance, NY.
Goals: Increase athletic performance and eat healthier even with a hectic schedule

About 12 months ago I reached a point where I decided it was time for me to get fit, lean, and healthy. With an insanely busy work schedule, it was hard to find time to always eat appropriately. I was seeing a trainer three times a week and was struggling with that last piece of getting to my goal BMI/body fat percent. I enlisted the help of Rachel at RG Nutrition and Wellness hoping that she could help get me there. I figured that if I was going to invest the money to see a trainer three times a week, then I needed to invest in the other side of the issue: eating.

I have nothing but positive things to say about this experience. What drew me to her was that she has every certification you could possibly imagine and specializes in sports nutrition and conditioning. I think Rachel’s absolutely phenomenal and her customized and tailored attention helped me change the way I think about food. I reached my goal weight and body fat percent in the couple of months we spent working together.

She can do all counseling over the phone – program management, diet planning, and so much more – which was great given our location difference (I’m in a different state). I remember utilizing her most for timing of meals – I was struggling finding the energy to power through workouts with my trainer and because I wanted to get lean I was scared to eat anything but veggies before lifting. This was not okay. She gave me a broad roadmap of nutrition rich foods to keep my energy levels high throughout the day. She also gave me post workout nutrition advice to recover for my next workout. Plus, she’s great to have on call and super responsive when you’re having a pizza craving. Think of it like food counseling on demand.

Rachel’s definitely worth a call – she can get you to your goals faster. She was what I needed to get through that last bit to my goal that I couldn’t do myself.  Highly recommend!


High School Varsity Cross Country Athlete

Goals: Know what to eat to perform better and not feel as tired at the end of practice.

The time I spent with Rachel and the information she gave me was so useful. Because of several factors, my running has improved and I continue to get stronger. I’ve been running better on Saturday races by getting more sleep and eating the right foods. I’ve also been able to eat breakfast following Rachel’s recommendations and have really benefited from her suggestions for how to fuel up before training.


Ess W.

Work: Editor
Goals: To be more positive, feel better about myself, and to lose weight

I recently completed a 3-month course of Wellness Coaching with Rachel. It turned out to be a surprisingly incredible investment…in myself.

It seemed like so much in my life was just wrong. I was feeling depressed, overweight and frustrated with myself for not being more accomplished in my life. Can you say low self-esteem? But part of my problem was not knowing what I wanted to accomplish. When I found Rachel, I went to her with the vague notion that I wanted something to change in my life. In fact, I wanted a lot of changes.

Basically I set “improve my life” as a 3 month goal. I wanted to feel positive about myself, I wanted a sense of fulfillment. But Rachel didn’t back away from my ambiguous needs.

Methodically, week by week, she helped me identify the sources of my distress and set targeted mini-goals to work on tackling the issues I had.

My personal experience started and ended with an emphasis on nutrition. I was overweight and unhappy. But with each appointment with Rachel, we uncovered a realm of issues that were unexpected and varied and entirely managed by Rachel’s expertise! I was amazed that she had so much more to offer than just nutritional advice. She dealt with my blues and my lack of motivation with calming advice and a list of weekly mini-goals that were doable, imminently helpful and always on track with my vision for the positive person that I wanted to become.

Who knew that a gratitude exercise could make me appreciate my life? Rachel did. Daily, she had me write down 3 things that I was grateful for. This task turned out to be one of the most eye-opening for me. Try it!

One thing that I noticed and appreciated every week was Rachel’s non-judgmental attitude toward me and my problems! I never felt inhibited by what her reactions to my needs might be. From the beginning, I felt I could trust her and in turn I was able to honestly face my difficulties.

It has been quite a journey and as of today I’ve lost 8 lbs and could not feel more positive about the direction of my life. I have optimism again but more importantly, I have tools in place not only to counteract negativity, but to actively work on positive change. An unexpected upshot to this whole experience has been my husband’s involvement with “our” new way of life. He’s lost 15 lbs and we plan our meals and exercise with a brand new sense of togetherness. I certainly didn’t expect that.

Rachel’s Nutrition and Wellness coaching was so much more than I bargained for. It was a weekly boost that set me up for life.


Joyel E.

Work: Internet Marketing
Goals: Weight loss, increased energy, and better eating habits.

I’m a current Signature Success Program client and just asked Rachel if I write a review – because I absolutely love this program!  Rachel’s seemingly limitless nutrition expertise, and most of all, patience and skill has allowed me to make some major food changes in my life. I’m so proud of the progress and changes I’ve made!

Her coaching method lets the client (me!) lead the way, which I love because I’m in control.  She never forces anything on you, but instead gently guides you in the right direction towards your goals.  And amazingly it works so well!  Being in control and not having changes forced on me is what makes me know that I’ll be able to keep these lifestyle changes forever – that I’ll be emotionally and physically successful even when our three month sessions are through!

What’s really helpful is that she’s constantly making great suggestions – anything from diet plans and recipe ideas, to help with planning workouts.  And the best part is that she makes sure I follow through to meet the goals I set, because we have phone session every week.  The accountability is awesome.

With Rachel’s help I’m reaching my goals of losing weight and making permanent dietary changes in my life! I highly recommend Rachel for wellness coaching or nutritional counseling; it’s well worth the investment in your health.  And I feel great!

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