Baking and Desserts

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Eating is all about variety, balance, and moderation.

Making sure you get enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and healthy fats is a big part of the equation.  But it also means there’s room for a sweet treat.

Who doesn’t love bread still warm and fragrant from the oven?  Or gooey chocolate chip cookies straight from the baking sheet.  These are the tidbits in life that help keep us happy and balanced.

This recipe collection includes all ends of the spectrum, from nutritious whole grain breads to less healthy but incredibly delicious baked goods.

By indulging in the more decadent treats less often you’ll be keeping on-track with your ultimate health and wellness goals.



Baking and Dessert Recipes

Cookies and Scones

Muffins and Cakes

Brownies and Bars

Yeast Breads

Quick Breads


No Bake Bites

Fruit Desserts and ‘Other’

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