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Infant, Toddler & Childhood Nutrition

Our children's food preferences start forming in the womb and continue to develop throughout infancy and toddlerhood. And while it's never too late to start building positive eating habits, you can see that it's never too early either!


Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding; starting solids with your infant or struggling through a picky eating jag with your preschooler, understanding your role and your child's role in eating and feeding will help take the stress out of meal time. 

Raising an adventurous, competent eater means providing the foods that help your child grow and develop, knowing they may reject some foods at first, letting them honor their hunger and fullness cues, and leaving pressure and stress at the door.

Our job as parents and caregivers is to help support our children building a healthy relationship with food that will serve them well throughout their life.


Let me help you build the foundation of a healthy eating and feeding lifestyle within your home and help bring peace back to the table.

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Mothers and babies form an 
inseparable biological and social unit;
the health and nutrition of one group cannot be divorced from the health and nutrition of the other.
~World Health Organization

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