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What to Expect

What is Nutrition and Wellness Coaching and what can I expect my visits with RG Nutrition include?

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

During our work together we will be partners in co-creating a journey to reach your ultimate nutrition and wellness vision and goals.  Over the course of our sessions, we will tap into your strengths, overcome your challenges, and ultimately get you looking and feeling your best.

You can expect to meet weekly or bi-weekly in the beginning to set the foundation of change, then move to less frequent sessions as you become more confident. Through coaching and goal setting you’ll begin to master the changes to become your Best Self.

During the journey, we will work together to connect the dots between who you are, who you want to be, and how to take incremental steps for success in your desired changes.

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Your wellness coaching will progress through several stages:

First, you’ll provide background information through a well-being assessment so that you and I are well-informed on key issues; including medical, emotional, and physical considerations.

During the first 60-75 minute coaching session we will create a personal vision and three-month priority goals to commit to achieving. We will also identify the first steps you can take to reach these goals.

In each 30 minute follow up session will be spent elevating your energy, brainstorming strategies, reviewing the progress toward your vision and goals, exploring and resolving the most pressing issues, and then setting goals for the following week.

By the end of our work together, you will be making nourishing decisions for your body resulting in more energy, a nourishing relationship with food, a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately improved health!

Our Food should be our medicine,
and our medicine should be our food.
— Hippocrates

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