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Sports Nutrition & Fueling

Athletes have special energy and nutrient needs above and beyond those of a typical diet. In fact, nutrition plays an essential role in endurance, performance, and recovery.

Without appropriate fueling, you may never reach your true potential.

At RG Nutrition and Wellness, I work with athletes at all skill levels — from training for a first 5K, to seasoned marathoners or triathletes, as well as college and high school athletes looking to enhance their performance on the field, court, or pool.  


As an athlete myself, I understand the importance of translating the latest scientific evidence into practical sports nutrition recommendations, and then fitting them into your specific athletic goals.

Rae's Chocolate Walnut Banana Bread.jpg

Rae's Chocolate Walnut Banana Bread: When it comes to fruit, sometimes it becomes overripe before you get a chance to enjoy its tastiness.  The good thing about bananas is that if the...

Athletes I work with include:

  • Beginner and pro triathletes, Ironmen, marathoners, and ultramarathoners

  • High school and collegiate runners, swimmers, tennis, football, and baseball 

  • Athletes looking to enhance performance by increasing muscle mass and / or reducing body fat

Optimal nutrition is the final key to enhancing your performance on and off the field, and in and out of the gym.

What you can expect

  1. Assessment: Analysis of eating pattern and energy balance

  2. Nutrition Periodization: Optimal nutrition for performance and body composition by matching nutrition to training phases and goals throughout the year

  3. Fueling: Pre-, during, and post-workout fueling for optimal performance. 

  4. Recovery: Foods and supplements to help you recover between training sessions and after competitions

  5. Hydration: Understanding your baseline hydration needs throughout the day as well as during training.

  6. Supplements: Optimal ergonomic aids and supplements recommended depending on performance goals, as well as in response to seasonal and physiological needs. I will always take into account WADA and other sport-specific regulations.

  7. Menus: One to two personalized example menus

  8. Daily Nutrition: Education on daily food selection to ensure appropriate micronutrient intake

Mindful Eating.jpg

Mindful Eating: What is it?: Eating has become a race in our society.  We want to get it done faster so that we can get back to work, get the kids to practice, or just simpl...​

Additional Services

Race Fueling Plan: For endurance athletes such as triathletes, Ironmen, marathoners, and ultramarathoners. The plan includes a strategic race fueling plan with a minute-by-minute fueling strategy to meet your hourly carbohydrate, sodium, and fluid needs. You will also receive a recommended race morning breakfast, carb load guidelines and menus, and optimal recovery strategy.


The process also includes sweat testing and analysis for specific hourly electrolyte and hydration needs.

Biomarker Analysis: Understanding your current blood work for a comprehensive sports nutrition protocol.

It's all about nutrition.
You can train, train, train all you want,
but you can't out-train a bad diet.
— Joe Wicks

My Competition History

High School:  Gymnastics, Cross Country, Track & Field

2008 Red Hook Valley 5K:  Time: 23:08.  Pace: 7:27

2009 W Suburban YMCA 5K: Time: 21:49. Pace: 7:16

2009 Minute Man Race 10K:  1st place age group 19-29 (37 total in bracket).  Time: 47:18.  Pace: 7:38

2009 Mossman Sprint Triathlon:  3rd place age group 25-29 (27 total in bracket).  Total Time: 1:18:09.

  • Swim (400m/.25 mi): 12:53,   T1 2:31,   Bike (20K/12 mi): 39:51 (Average speed 18.82),   T2 1:42,        Run (5K): 21:14 (Pace 6:50). 

2009 Timberman 70.3 Ironman:  Total Time:  5:48:56

  • Swim (1.9km/ 1.2 mi ): 37:10,   T1 3:04,  Bike (90km/ 56 mi): 3:14:08 (Average speed 17.31),  T2 2:22,  Run (13.1 mi): 1:52:12 (Pace 8:33)

2010 The Lowell Sun Half Marathon:  Time: 1:51:37.  Pace: 8:32

2011 Disney Marathon:  Time: 3:59:43

2011 RAGNAR relay New England (New Haven, CT to Boston, MA):  Times lost…

2011 Newport, RI Half Marathon:  Time: 1:51:23 (Pace 8:42)

2011 Newburyport Half Marathon:  Time: 2:11:36 (Pace 10:04) – Not running for time, running to help

train a fellow athlete

2011 RAGNAR Relay Florida Keyes (Miami, FL to Key West, FL):  Digestive issues.  Poor racing.

  • Leg 1:  8.9 miles.  Pace 8:45

  • Leg 2: 7.8 miles.  Pace 9:20

  • Leg 3: 3.5 miles.  Pace 8:10

2011 North Suburban YMCA 5k Classic:  1st place age group 30-39.    Time: 22:26:8  (Pace 7:13)

2012 RAGNAR Relay Cape Cod (Boston, MA to Province Town, MA):

  • Leg 1: 6.8 miles.   Pace 7:45

  • Leg 2: 5.7 miles.  Pace 7:43

  • Leg 3:  4 miles.  Pace 8:20

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