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Your Sports Performance Dietitian
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Rae's Chocolate Walnut Banana Bread: When it comes to fruit, sometimes it becomes overripe before you get a chance to enjoy its tastiness.  The good thing about bananas is that if the...

Athletes of all levels need specialized nutrition. 

Food is personal, and your nutrition journey should be as well.


I'm here to help you reach your best health and wellness self while optimizing your fueling, recovery, and sport performance.

Learn how to eat for energy, for health, and for the best version of athletic self.

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Mindful Eating: What is it?: Eating has become a race in our society.  We want to get it done faster so that we can get back to work, get the kids to practice, or just simpl...​

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise,
not too little and not too much,
we would have the safest way to health

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