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9 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

by ADMIN on OCTOBER 26, 2011

Prevent the Holiday Bulge!

Halloween marks the official beginning of big splurge season. The next 12 weeks leading up to Superbowl Sunday are filled with holidays and celebrations that all involve lots of food as well as many added demands on your time that can cut into your exercise, sleep and regular meal routines — a perfect trifecta for weight gain. If you don’t want to end this season a couple sizes larger than you start it, now is the time to equip yourself with some new text messages designed to spare you that one gift you can’t give back, added weight.

Holiday events and family gatherings are fun, and you should absolutely enjoy them, but with discretion.

Many times, one’s degree of discretion is directly proportional to the number of alcoholic beverages consumed.

Having the first drink on an empty stomach accelerates indiscretion – which may lead to transgressions at the buffet table. Moral of the story: Alcohol fuels overeating. Keep it to one drink then water and you’ll be doing your waistline a favor.

Another sign of indiscretion is judging the foods you eat by their size.

Hors d’oeuvres may look like innocent little morsels of food, but when eaten without caution, those tidbits can make your clothes tighter by morning. If you placed all those “morsels” on a plate, they’d fill it! So to help keep track of what you’ve eaten, hold on to the toothpicks.

To defend yourself against the caloric overload delivered in those endless cocktails and canapés this holiday season, just program these codes into your phone for simple reminders of how to avoid the holiday bulge.

BYO: Bring Your Own low-calorie goodies as a party favor so you’re sure to have something safe to munch on all night.

LWL: Little White Lies told to refuse extra food that is passed on trays, especially if it looks like it’s been deep fried or smothered in cream sauce. Try “I’m allergic to gluten,” or “I’m lactose intolerant.” Though it may not be true, these can help you stick to your healthy vision.

MIH: May I Help? Your way to avoid eating by helping the hostess. Now you can pass around some of those tasty tidbits and hear all the reasons people give for eating more than their share – or giving up their share!

WYN: What’s Your Name? A perfect conversation starter and an opportunity to become engrossed in a conversation so you won’t be caught with your mouth full. Boredom may lead to overeating.

NTY: No Thank You is the way to respond to any offers for another drink, some homemade cookies or anything else you do not want to eat. Say it politely, but firmly, to get your point across and remain in control over your choices.

WYH: What’s Your Hurry? A reminder to slow down at meals and savor each bite. You also can slow the pace by arriving 15-20 minutes late for the event so the first few rounds of hors d’oeuvres will have been served and making a point to get on the end of the buffet line when many of the chafing dishes are depleted and what’s left looks much less appetizing.

ETG: Eat The Garnishes since party platters are always surrounded by edible vegetables, like radishes roses and carrot curls. It’s your one hope of finding something that’s actually low in calories and unadulterated by sauces, coatings and crumbs.

KIT: Keep It Tight, as in your belt buckle, or wear a fitted dress or slacks to help keep your appetite under control.

IBG: It’s Been Great, but it’s time to leave. The best way out of a tempting eating or drinking situation is the same way you came in — through the front door. Explain you have another commitment, then just walk away from the temptation and arrive home with your discretion intact for another night.

Now go out and enjoy the holidays! Just remember, with a little effort you can come out on top for the New Year!


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