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Prenatal, Lactation, and Postpartum

Many times we focus solely on how to prepare for and care for our baby, neglecting to pay attention to our own health. But our health and that of our baby – both before and after birth – are inextricably linked.

Research has shown the first 1,000 days from conception to age 2 is vital to long term health. How you feed yourself and your little one will influence their health (and yours!) both in the short and long term. This is a unique opportunity to positively shape your baby’s health and development for their entire life.

Understanding what your body needs during pregnancy, lactation, postpartum, and for weight loss is important – but figuring out how to feed yourself while also caring for a tiny baby is a big feat.

As a Cornell Certified expert in infant and maternal health and nutrition, a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, and as a mother of two who has gone through it too, I will help you navigate your journey from conception through breastfeeding, postpartum weight loss, as well as introducing solids and finally toddler nutrition.


A well-designed nutrition plan with menus, fitted to your needs and preferences, will help you find your balance and health – not matter what stage you are in. We will break it down into bite-size pieces of information you can handle, even while sleep-deprived.

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Lactation and Infant feeding

They say breastfeeding is natural, but it sure doesn’t always seem like it!  What should you eat when breastfeeding?  What does a good latch feel like… and how do you achieve one? How do you maintain a good supply of milk? How do you pump without it hurting?!


As a lactation consultant and infant feeding specialist, I work with mothers with the ultimate goal of providing the nutrition that works best for them and their baby.

We will find a pattern that works well for you and nourishes your little one.  When the time comes I can provide support for introducing solids and help understand the process and importance of variety and increasing textures as your baby grows.

Even if you're not able to breastfeeding exclusively, or at all - or perhaps choose not to - I can also help support you in bottle and formula feeding safely for healthy growth and development.

Postpartum Nutrition and Weight loss

After pregnancy your body is depleted of nutrients that went to supporting the health of your baby.  Regaining those nutrients is critical to your health, energy levels, and ability to feel good while caring for your newborn.  Even though baby is now on the outside, your health is still imperative.  When the time is right, weight loss can be achieved without creating more of a nutritional deficit, without compromising breastfeeding, and with sustained energy.

Mothers and babies form an 
inseparable biological and social unit;
the health and nutrition of one group cannot be divorced from the health and nutrition of the other.
~World Health Organization

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